I am a fourth year Ph.D. candidate at School of Information, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. My advisor is Prof. Qiaozhu Mei. Prior to UMich, I got my Bachelor's degree at Tsinghua University, advised by Prof. Jie Tang.

I'm particularly interested in developing machine learning models for structured-data (i.e., graphs) and multi-task scenarios, which are commonly seen in real-world machine learning problems and applications in industry.

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Sep. 2016 - Now, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Ph.D. candidate, School of Information

Advisor: Professor Qiaozhu Mei

Sep. 2012 - Jul. 2016, Tsinghua University

B.Eng., Department of Automation

Advisor: Professor Jie Tang

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Publications and Manuscripts  

Off-policy Learning in Two-stage Recommender Systems.

Jiaqi Ma, Zhe Zhao, Xinyang Yi, Ji Yang, Minmin Chen, Jiaxi Tang, Lichan Hong, Ed H. Chi.

To appear in WWW 2020 (with oral presentation).

A Flexible Generative Framework for Graph-based Semi-supervised Learning.

Jiaqi Ma*, Weijing Tang*, Ji Zhu, Qiaozhu Mei. NeurIPS 2019. [Code]

SNR: Sub-Network Routing for Flexible Parameter Sharing in Multi-task Learning.

Jiaqi Ma, Zhe Zhao, Jilin Chen, Ang Li, Lichan Hong, Ed H. Chi. AAAI 2019.

Modeling Task Relationships in Multi-task Learning with Multi-gate Mixture-of-Experts.

Jiaqi Ma, Zhe Zhao, Xinyang Yi, Jilin Chen, Lichan Hong, Ed H. Chi. KDD 2018 (with oral presentation).

DeepCas: an End-to-end Predictor of Information Cascades.

Cheng Li, Jiaqi Ma, Xiaoxiao Guo, Qiaozhu Mei. WWW 2017. [Code]

Joint Community and Structural Hole Spanner Detection via Harmonic Modularity.

Lifang He, Chun-ta Lu, Jiaqi Ma, Jianping Cao, Linlin Shen, Philip S. Yu. KDD 2016.

Learning Cascaded Indirect Influence in Large Partial Monitoring Social Networks.

Jie Zhang*, Jiaqi Ma*, Jie Tang. ASONAM 2016.

(* indicates equal contribution.)

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Work Experiences  
Oct. 2016 - Present

Research Assistant, Foreseer Group. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA.

Jun. 2019 - Aug. 2019

Research Intern, Google Brain. Google Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA.

May 2018 - Aug. 2018

Research Intern, Google Brain. Google Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA.

May 2017 - Sep. 2017

Research Intern, Research & Machine Intelligence. Google Inc., Mountain View, CA, USA.

Jul. 2016 - Aug. 2016

Research Intern, Detection, Tracking and Reidentiļ¬cation Group. Megvii Inc. (Face++), Beijing, China.

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Contact Me  

Email: jiaqima AT umich DOT edu

Address: Office 3332, 105 S State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

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